Welcome to the official documentation for K STADIUM. This document provides concepts and guides related to K STADIUM.

K STADIUM is a blockchain-based platform employing a new consensus algorithm called DpoI, or (Delegated Proof of Investment). The DPoI algorithm combines “community pool” and “investment” into the existing DPoS governance structure allowing for investors to explore a variety of new projects and increase the coin’s value through their own voting governance policies.

DPoI(The Deleted Proof of Investment) is a consensus method that produces a representative node able to exercise voting rights proportional to the stake invested to execute decision-making authority.

K STADIUM produces rewards proportional to the amount invested in a community pool without the high cost and maintenance of mining equipment to maintain the network. On most existing platforms, institutional investors have expanded their ecosystems through initial investments at low prices which often yield huge returns and rewards from rising coin prices.

K STADIUM provides transparency regarding investment funds through proposals and votes, recording them on the blockchain. Unlike traditional staking platforms, K STADIUM manages an “active” type of investment reaching into other projects, signifying more than mere value adjustment or asset management. Furthermore, the operator does not use the investment arbitrarily, and all investment decisions are executed through investors' votes. Anyone can monitor the usage of his/her investment, and investors' opinions are absolute when it comes to how that investment is leveraged.

K STADIUM voting differs slightly from the traditional concept of voting which need to be understood. As opposed to one vote per person, voting rights are weighed proportionally to the amount invested. When investors remit their investment to the community pool, they will receive the same amount of Stadium Owner Power as their investment. Stadium Owner Power is the voting right mentioned above and the currency that represents one's stake when receiving rewards. Additionally, voting takes place in a delegated structure as opposed to the direct format as often is perceived. This new consensus method is almost an identical benchmark of the widely known delegative democracy.

Funds raised in K STADIUM's community pool will be used as investment capital to improve and update networks as well as support potential new crypto projects such as NFT and defi to launch on the mainnet. Investors investing in KSTA may freely discuss, propose, and vote to participate in governance that determines the direction of the community, and receive fair share of the rewards pertaining to community power and platform expansion. The cycle of contribution, expansion, and rewards creates a virtuous cycle in which K STADIUM and its community pool may grow to be more active ultimately resulting in higher profits for its investors.

K STADIUM's reward philosophy is to provide more rewards to those who have invested more in platforms and communities. K STADIUM is a platform where you can make more profits by investing in your KSTA.

  • 70% of total reward.

  • Differently rewarded to all investors based on stake.

  • Differently rewarded to all SO, according to their voting power.