Q. How do I change my name, password, and email?

Updates pertaining to your account can be made from the Settings menu.(gear mark on the top right)

Q. I forgot my password. How can I find it?

A temporary password will be provided through the forgot password feature on the sign in page.

Q. I don't get a verification email. What should I do?

Please check below in case you have not received a confirmation email.

  • Please make sure it is a valid email address.

  • Please check if your K STADIUM account (noreply@kstadium.io) has been spammed.

  • Please check the storage space of your inbox.

Q. Where can I withdraw my membership?

You can withdraw by clicking 'here' on the bottom of Setting menu.

Q. Is it possible to restore an account that I have been withdrawn?

The withdrawn account will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.


Q. Can I change the address of the K STADIUM wallet?

One wallet address is given per account and cannot be changed.

Q. Where can I check my wallet address?

You can check the address on the Wallet page at the bottom.

Community Pool

Q. Where and how can I invest?

You can invest with the Send to Community pool button at the top of the Wallet page at the bottom of the app.

Q. Where can I find out the details of my investment?

You can check the remittance and deposit details through Transaction on the Wallet page.

Q. What is the difference between investment and staking?

K STADIUM acts as a Venture Capital (VC) and activates the mainnet and various projects through community pool investment. This gives you more rewards than staking, and increases the value of coins through platform expansion.

Q. What is the community pool fund for?

It is used according to approved governance proposals such as new crypto project investments, network updates.


Q. How do I delegate?

If you select the SO you want to delegate from the SO page at the bottom of the app, you can delegate from the DELEGATE button on the detail page.

Q. Can I delegate KSTA?

You can't delegate KSTA immediately. If you invest KSTA in a community pool, the same amount of SOP will be issued, which you can delegate.

Q. How can I use SOP?

SOP acquired after investment will be delegated to SO. Please refer to Use K STADIUM for detailed delegation methods.

Q. Is it okay not to delegate SOP?

If you have SOP without delegation, you cannot receive reward.

Q. Can SOP be traded on other exchanges?

SOP is a delegable governance token and cannot be traded on other exchanges. It can only be obtained through community pool investment.

Q. Is it possible to delegate to other SOs during the delegation?

SOP can be delegated to multiple SOs. If you have already delegated the SOP, you can make additional investments in Community Pool and then obtain and delegate the SOP.

Stadium Owner

Q. What are the roles of SO?

The SO plays various roles such as node operator, voter, and information provider.

Q. Do all SO need to operate node by themselves?

For the SO, node operation is mandatory, but direct operation is optional. (During an Open beta, for the safety and stability, only node consignment is operated.)

Q. What are the criteria for selecting SO?

The delegate can select the SO to delegate by referring to the pledges, rankings, voting history, etc. on the SO personal page.

Q. How many SO can receive additional SO reward?

Additional reward will be given as block reward from SO No. 1 to 6, and ranking reward from No. 1 to 12.


Q. Can anyone register a proposal?

Anyone can register proposals and a certain deposit is required to register. (A deposit amount can change depending on KSTA price.)

Q. What can the proposer suggest?

You can register proposals related to platform, network, token economy, investment use, etc.

Q. Is there any suggestions that is restricted?

If it is not related to the K STADIUM network, it may be restricted.


Q. How do I vote?

SOM with voting rights vote Yes/No to the proposal. Each SO group which has reached 20% of quorum can submit opinion according to SOM vote.

Q. Can I vote directly on the proposal?

SOM sho delegated more than 100 SOP have the voting rights and can vote. Voted opinions are reflected according to SO group’s voting status.

Q. Is there a disadvantage if I don't vote?

If you don’t vote, your voting rights are reflected as abstain.

Q. How long does the vote go alive?

For one week from the start of the voting.

Q. What happens if the proposal doesn't accepted?

If the proposal is not approved by a minimum of 50% except abstention, it will be changed to Reject status and the deposit will be burned after the vote.

Q.Will the SOP used for voting disappear?

SOP do not disappear or are not burnt after used in vote. If you pertain more than 100 SOP delegated to each SO, voting rights will be given.


Q. How is the reward determined?

It is determined by considering additional reward for SO rankings in addition to the standard reward.

Q. Where can I check my reward?

My reward will be displayed in My reward section on the SO detail page which you have delegated. You can bring the reward to wallet with the claim button.

Q. Would delegation reward be given in SOP?

Delegation reward is given in KSTA. Reward from invested project would be given in corresponding project token.

Q. Is the ranking reward immediately affected according to ranking change?

The rewards are calculated daily at 16:00 UTC. The calculated rewards are given and become claimable at 06:00 UTC the next day.