Q. What is Forum?

Forum is K STADIUM users' free channel of communication and a place for preliminary screening of Community Pool investment.

Q. How can I change default language?

Sign in and Click circular icon top right > Human icon > Preferences > Interface > Interface language > Choose the language you'd like to change > Save Changes Please refer to'Use Explorer' for further information.

Q. Can't I delete my post?

To prevent fabrication, uploaded posts and replies are not allowed to be deletes or modified.

Q. Who can post in Forum?

All K STADIUM users, except certain categories.

Q. How can I sign in to Forum?

K STADIUM Forum uses K STADIUM app ID. Please sign up K STADIUM App and sign in.

Q. What is the badges?

K STADIUM Forum has 4 user grades(NEW, SOM, SO, Admin). Badges are given according to users' activities and authority.

Q. How can I post?

Please refer to 'Use Forum'.

Q. What kind of posts are not allowed in Forum?

We do not allow posts pertaining to commercial advertising, disparagement, discrimination, or abusive language. Please refer to Rules and guidelines in the Forum.

Q. Can I post questions and get reply from Admin?

Forum admin does not intervene between users and does not reply to user posts. Inquiries in Forum cannot be answered. Please inquire through K STADIUM help center.

Q. Can I chat with other members in Forum?

K STADIUM Forum is a place for free communication. However, posting K STADIUM service related posts is recommended.

Q. Can I promote external community?

To boost Forum, external community or promotional posts with community links are not allowed. According to the Forum’s operational purpose, posts that share external links from private communities are strictly prohibited and related posts will be immediately deleted.