Q. Why my deposit is delayed with the pending status on the exchange?

A. When transferring assets from an exchange, it may fail for various reasons, including the policy of each nation (e.g. Travel Rule) and exchange policy. Please check the policies of each exchange before you transfer.

Q. My transaction was successful on the exchange, but the funds are not deposited to my K STADIUM wallet.

A. If the transaction is successfully completed but you are unable to check it on your K STADIUM wallet, please check that you entered the correct address and Destination Tag (MEMO), and if so, please contact the K STADIUM Help Center. For the policy, you can check here (Link).

Q. What is the fee policy for Direct Transfer service?

A. Currently, there is no quantity limit for Direct Transfer service. For the XRP, there are no fees for deposits, but withdrawals will cost 1 ksXRP fee and 0.1% ksXRP tax of the withdrawal amount.

Q. I have enough ksXRP, but I keep getting transaction fail, why?

A. Since ksXRP is an asset of the GroundChain network, transactions are paid with KSTA as transaction fees. Please make sure you have enough KSTA.

Q. I entered the correct K STADIUM wallet address, but the transfer failed.

A. For the Direct Transfer service, instead of entering your K STADIUM wallet, tap the token on the ‘Wallet’ screen to see the address for Direct Transfer (Guide). Please enter that address and the destination tag (if required) in the Direct Transfer service.

Q. My withdrawal was successful but XRP did not deposit my external wallet.

A. Please make sure to enter the address and Destination Tag (MEMO) correctly, and even if the K STADIUM transfer is completed, it may take 5 to 30 minutes depending on each external wallet policy. You can check your transaction status on the K STADIUM Explorer.

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