The K STADIUM wallet address will automatically be generated after downloading the app and once membership registration is complete. The K STADIUM Wallet can be used for KSTA deposits, community pool transfers as well as reward withdrawals, etc.

KSTADIUM APP uses the Groundchain network. Due to the nature of digital assets, recovery is not possible in case of an incorrect deposit. If you make a mistake, you can’t find crypto, so it is recommended to test conversion with a small amount of assets first. Also, even if the wallet address format of assets and Ethereum are the same, they do not use the same blockchain network, so please check the network type.

Download K STADIUM app

1. Tap the download link for your operating system. Your device’s app store will open. (K STADIUM for Android)

2. Install the K STADIUM app on your phone.

Sign Up

1. On the K STADIUM app, tap the Setting button at the top. On the Setting page, tap the Sign Up button to go to the membership page.


To create a Wallet, please Sign Up first.

2. Enter your ID and Name.

3. After entering the Password, please enter it again for security measures.

4. Enter your Email and tap the Activate button.

The email entered will be used for verification purposes so please be sure to enter a valid email address.

5. Open your verification email and copy the verification code.

6. Enter the verification code in the app and tap the Confirm button.

7. Agree to Terms of use and Privacy policy.

8. Tap the CREATE ACCOUNT button.

Complete registration and Sign In

1. Welcome! Registration is complete. You can now tap the Sign In button.

2. Enter your ID and Password. (Automatic login: optional)

If you’ve lost your Password, you can reset it through the Forgot Password function.

3. Tap the Sign In button to go to the main page after signing in.

Download Google Authenticator app

Please download Google Authenticator to use OTP at K STADIUM app

1. Open Google Play or IOS App store app.

2. Type in 'Google Authenticator' in the search bar.

3. Press the 'Install' button to download 'Google Authenticator' on your mobile phone

Google Authenticator download link ( Android , iOS )

How to enable OTP Authentication

In order to protect customers' assets, OTP setting is required.

1. Begin OTP registration by clicking the 'GET STARTED' button.

2. Click the 'Copy Key' button to copy the authentication key.

3. After copying the key, press 'NEXT' button.

4. After checking the blanks in the input field, run the Google Authenticator App. (NEXT button is disabled)

5. Click the '+' button at the bottom right to start the OTP registration process.

6. Press 'Set up key' from the toggle. (The QR code scanning function is currently not supported.)

7. Enter the name you want in the 'Account Name' field, paste the copied authentication key in the 'My Key' field, and click the Add button. (Key type supports only the 'by time' option.)

8. Press the newly registered OTP number for more than one second to 'copy' the six-digit numbers or memorize the number.

9. Go to the K STAIDUM App and 'Paste' the copied number or enter the six-digit number. (within 30 seconds)

10. Press the 'NEXT' button to proceed to continue.

11. Click the OK button to complete registration.

If the verification code does not match more than 5 times, you can try again in 5 minutes.

How to set up OTP period (only when using automatic login)

You must set the OTP re-authentication period when using automatic login in the K STADIUM app. The period can be set to 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. The date is calculated based on 16:00 UTC, and you will be redirected to the re-authentication page. When the set date expires based on 16:00 UTC, an OTP reauthentication request may occur even when the K STADIUM application is in use, so please use it after re-authentication.

1. Click 'Authentication and security'.

2. Click 'OTP Authentication period'.

3. The items: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days appear in the order from the top to the bottom, and select the desired period.

4. After selecting the period, press the OK button.

5. After you complete the authentication, the date has been changed to the selected date, 5 days. *The date is based on 16:00 UTC

How to generate recovery code for OTP

In case of device change or loss, you can log in using the recovery code. (Enter the 8-digit recovery code in the OTP field).

1. Click 'Authentication and security'.

2. Click 'Account recovery' and complete the authentication.

3. If you press the 'Get new codes' button, the recovery code will be reset and a new code will be generated.

4. The used code is marked with a blue checkmark. (A total of 10 can be used)

Please write down the recovery keys (10) shown on the screen and keep it in a safe place, or save Recovery codes by using your device's screenshot function and store it safely in another place.

Check Wallet Address

1. Go to the Wallet menu at the bottom of the app.

2. Check the wallet address created with the subscription and relevant assets.

Receive tokens from Exchange

1. Buy tokens from exchanges that support KSTA.

2. Send tokens to the Metamask wallet address.

3. Change KSTA's network using the Bridge. Please refer to Use Bridge for more information on how to use it.


Add Token to MetaMask

1. Check the network (Ethereum Mainnet).

2. Click 'Import tokens'.

3. Select the 'Custom Token' tab.

4. Enter the KSTA and USDT Contract Address.

KSTA : 0x613167fbA619ff20f4a3BdDEeAb8d37aB58490aE
USDT : 0xdAC17F958D2ee523a2206206994597C13D831ec7

5. Click the 'Add Custom Token' button.

When you enter the Token Contract Address, the Token Symbol and Token Decimal are automatically entered.

6. Click the 'Import Tokens' button.

7. Added Tokens.

If you make an incorrect deposit, you can’t find Token, so it is recommended to test conversion with a small amount of Token first.

Ethereum -> Groundchain conversion

This process is the example of KSTA(Ethereum) -> KSTA(GroundChain) conversion

Please remind that the USDT is a pre-reflection of the upcoming Bridge update.

Step 01

  1. Click the Asset select box.

2. If the 'Select a coin' window pop-up, select KSTA and click 'Select' button.

Step 02

1. Click the From select box and select select 'Ethereum'.

2. Select MetaMask and click the OK button.

Network Error message pops up when your Metamask network isn't on the other mainnet.

3. Click the To select box and select 'K STADIUM GroundChain'.

4. Select the K STADIUM Wallet and click the OK button.

5. Enter the K STADIUM ID and password and click the checkbox on reCAPCHA.

6. Enter the 6-digit OTP shown in Google Authenticator.

If you don't have an account, you need to sign up. Please refer to the Get Started for more information on signing up.

7. Destination for the To chain is automatically entered.

Step 03

1. Enter the amount of KSTA to convert. Enter the amount excluding the fee.

The minimum conversion amount is 100 KSTA/ 0.02 ETH / 25 USDT. In case of converting amount less than minimum amount, Error message pops up.

2. Click the 'Convert now' button.

3. On the Check the coin to convert pop-up, check the contents entered, fees, and precautions, and click the OK button.

In case of conversion from Ethereum to Groundchain, a tax and 80 KSTA / 0.01 ETH / 20 USDT Bridge fees are charged.

Clicking OK button, you need to set the desktop notification for the first time. If the notification settings window appears, please accept it.

Step 04

1. Proceed with the confirmation process on Metamask connected to the From chain. A small amount of other Ethereum gas cost occurs.

2. Check the gas fee on the Metamask connected to From Chain. A small amount of Ethereum gas cost occurs.

3. When the From chain approval process is completed, a transaction is created. When you click on the transaction hash, you can go to Explorer for more transaction information.

4. On the Bridge page, click the Confirm button which is separately created To chain.

5. Click the Approve button to proceed approval action of To Chain.

6. After approval of To chain, you can check the transaction. Conversion is completed.

You can check converted KSTA on the Wallet page of K STADIUM APP.

Checking History

1. You an check transaction state by going to the History menu.

History state

Conversion is successfully completed.

In case of conversion failure

Conversion failed when using the Bridge

In case of conversion failure or unexpected error when using the Bridge, you can check all your KSTA conversion history in the History menu.

You can proceed confirmation by clicking Confirm button in the History. In addition, you can get a refund 48 hours after Confirm button appears.

Asset Transfer within K STADIUM

Transfer Assets

  1. Click 'Wallet'

  2. Click the asset you want to transfer.

Asset transfer within K STADIUM supports the transfer of Groundchain-based assets, except SOP.

3. Check the instructions and click the check button.

4. After entering the address of the wallet to proceed with the asset transfer, enter the quantity of the asset you want to transfer.

5. Click the NEX button after confirming the instructions, wallet address, and transfer asset quantity.

6. After confirming the wallet address and asset transfer amount, click the SEND button.

7. Enter the password of your K STADIUM account.

8. After entering the password of your K STADIUM account, click the OK button.

9. After the transaction, asset transfer will be completed. Click the OK button to complete asset transfer.

Checking Transaction

  1. Click the Transaction tab in the Wallet menu.

  2. Records of withdrawal transaction in your wallet will be displayed when you click the SEND button.

  3. Records of deposit transaction in your wallet will be displayed when you click RECEIVE button

Precaution When Transmitting Assets

  1. When entering address to transmit assets in the app, please enter the user address. *Do not confuse with Token Contract Address.

  2. Please note that when NST and KSTA are sent to the Token Contract Address, recovery is not possible.


Community Pool investment

1. After signing in K STADIUM app, go to Wallet menu.

2. Tap the SEND TO COMMUNITY POOL button.

To invest in Community Pool, KSTA is needed.

Sign up and send KSTA to your wallet.

3. Agree with the precautions, And enter the amount of KSTA you want to remit.

4. Tap the NEXT button.

Enter amount considering fees. Minimum amount is 10 KSTA.

5. Check the amount of KSTA, And tap the SEND button.

6. Enter your password in pop up page.

7. Tap the OK button.

8-1. Transaction proceeds.

8-2. Check the success message.

9. Tap the OK button.

10. You can go to the Wallet menu to view SOP and transactions.

SOP Delegation

1. Go to the SO menu at the bottom.

2. Tap the DELEGATE button.

2-1. You can see detailed information of resoective SO by clicking SO name in the SO list.

2-2. You can DELEGATE in SO detail page.

3. Select the SO.

4. Enter the SOP you want to delegate.

5. Tap the NEXT button.

6. Check the SO and SOP and tap the SEND button.

7. Enter your password in pop up page.

8. Tap the OK button.

9-1. Tansaction proceeds.

9-2. Check the success message.

10. Tap the OK button.

11. You can check the status and rewards of delegation on the detailed page of the delegated SO.

12. You can see SOP transaction in detail page.

Depending on network condition, SOP amount may be reflected after a little while.

SOP Withdrawing Delegation

1. Check the amount of 'SOP' you currently have in 'Wallet' in the K STADIUM app in advance.

2. Click the 'SO' tab at the bottom of the app, select the node you want to withdraw your delegation from among the list of nodes displayed, and then click the 'UNDELEGATE' button on the screen that appears.

3. The total amount of 'SOP' delegated to the node is shown in the 'Balance' section at the top right. You can proceed with 'Withdrawing Delegation' by pressing the number or entering as many SOP values as desired for partial withdrawal.

When delegation is withdrawn, a 1% fee will be charged, and the amount of 'SOP' you have will be displayed in 18 decimal places.

In case of proceeding with 'withdrawal of all delegation', you must claim all the rewards of the node in order to proceed with 'withdrawal of all delegation'.

4. Check if the number of 'SOP' you want to cancel the delegation is entered correctly.

5. After confirming the number, press the 'NEXT' button.

6. Confirm the 'Node Name' and 'SOP Quantity' you want to withdraw once more.

7. After confirming the information, press the 'SEND' button.

8. Enter the password for the K STADIUM app, and press the 'OK' button.

9. You can check the transaction is in process.

10. The 'Node Name' and 'SOP Quantity' from which the delegation was withdrawn are displayed along with the 'Success' message.

11. After confirming the contents, press the 'OK' button.

12. 'Withdrawal of delegation' has been completed, and you can check your delegation amount has decreased by the amount you withdrew.

13. Go to the 'Wallet' tab to check if the 'SOP' is successfully returned. (excluding 1% commission)

Withdrawal of all delegation *if reward remains

1. The total amount of 'SOP' delegated to the node is shown in the 'Balance' section at the top right. You can proceed with 'Withdrawing Delegation' by pressing the number.

2. Please check whether the quantity of 'SOP' you entered is correct and read the precautions. After confirming, agree and press 'NEXT'.

3. If there are any rewards left in the node, a pop-up window like the one below will appear. Click 'OK' to move to the corresponding node page, then claim all the reward balances displayed on the screen. After that, you can proceed with 'withdrawal of all delegation' again.

Reward Claim

1. After signing in K STADIUM App, go to SO menu.

2. Go to the details page of the delegated SO.

3. After checking the reward, tap the CLAIM button.

4. Check the KSTA amount and tap the CONFIRM button.

5. Enter your password.

6. Tap the OK button.

7. Transaction proceeds.

8. Check the success message.

9. Tap the OK button.

10. You can check the transection the details page of the delegated SO.

11. Go to the Wallet menu and check the KSTA and transactions.Download K STADIUM app.

K STADIUM Explorer

Checking Block

Checking Transaction

Checking Account

Checking Token Information (GroundChain)