Q. How much are Bridge fees and minimum convertible amount?
  • ETH->GND bridge fee 30 KOK / GND->ETH bridge fee 30 KOK
  • minimum convertible amount: 100 KOK
Transaction gas fee may change depending on network condition. K STADIUM Bridge fee is changed weekly accordingly. Fees may differ according to sending chain and receiving chain.

Q. What is the Bridge and what for do we use it?

It is a service that allows for asset transfers between two different chains. Since the existing KOK uses the Ethereum network, it needs to be transferred to the K STADIUM network.

Q. Is there a mobile version of the Bridge?

Currently, only the web (PC) versions is supported. It is recommended to connect to the PC version of Chrome.

Q. I need to connect my wallet to the bridge. Which wallet should I use?

Currently, Bridge supports metamasks. Please use the extended version of Chrome Metamask.

Q. What are the From chain and To chain? What does it mean to have to connect both?

Bridge is a transport program for using assets on other networks in the K STADIUM network. The From chain is the Ethereum chain from which assets are transferred, and the To chain is the K STADIUM chain to which assets are transferred. Both chains need to be connected in order for assets to be transferred.

Q. The bridge is still in transfer. Did the transfer fail?

The transfer takes more than 5 minutes depending on the network environment. Please do not leave the page and wait. If the transfer fails, you can go to the History page and proceed with the refund.

Q. Where do I approve the transaction?

If the Metamask is connected, it will proceed through the Metamask, and if the K STADIUM Wallet is connected, a button in the bridge web will be created separately.
Q. I clicked the confirm transaction button, but the transmission failed. Will I still be able to get a refund?
If problems such as timeout or transmission failure occur in the To wallet, you can get a refund through the Refund button.

Q. The window was accidentally closed during the process. How do I check the progress?

You can check the history page for in-progress or completion history.
Q. Where can I find the address of the To wallet?
The To wallet address is automatically entered in the Destination item. If you want to check it separately, you can check it through the linked Metamask or K STADIUM app.
Q. I chose to send the full amount, but the transmission failed. What's the cause?
Please enter the amount excluding the fee and try again.