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What is K STADIUM Forum?

Community for communication of all users who use K STADIUM

K STADIUM FORUM is your free channel of communication. K STADIUM Forum is a place for various communication and debates and provides information of SO for growth of K STADIUM. Forum also plays an important role as pre-screening community of K STADIUM Community Pool investment to various crypto projects with potential and technology.

Anyone who is a member of K STADIUM can join and sign in with K STADIUM APP ID through webpage and mobile web.



GENERAL category is a board providing guide to the community and your free channel of communication.

Governance & Proposal

Governance & Proposal posts for preliminary screening will be uploaded. The initial posting is done by the Investment Management Team.

Stadium Owner

Stadium Owner provides guidance on SO and communication channels for each SO group. This category allows SO and SOM to create posts and supports free discussion among SO groups under respective posts.

How to sign in

K STADIUM Forum uses K STADIUM app ID. Please sign up in K STADIUM to use Forum.

  1. Click Sign in button.

  2. Enter your K STADIUM ID and PW. Click SIGN IN. (Email authorization is needed for the first time.)

  3. Sign in completed.

If sign in failure persists, please inquire through our K STADIUM Help Center.

How to upload posts and reply to the post

How to upload posts

1.Sign in and click New Topic.

2.Choose Category. Enter title and descriptions.

3. You can choose 'General' or 'Stadium Owner' category to write.

4. Click Create Topic to upload your post.

How to reply

1. In the post you want to reply, click Reply.

2. Enter contens and click Reply.