Use Direct Transfer

Breaking through the constraints of cryptocurrency

K STADIUM Direct Transfer service connects GroundChain network with other networks, providing a simple way to transfer assets between the two chains. It can be easily done via mobile phone without any environmental restrictions, and all transactions are transparently recorded on each network, ensuring a safe and flexible transfer of assets between the two chains.

Currently, K STADIUM supports Direct Transfer service for XRP, and more assets will be added in the future.

Due to the nature of digital assets, recovery is not possible in case of an incorrect deposit. If you make a mistake, you can’t find crypto, so it is recommended to test conversion with a small amount of assets first. Also, even if the wallet address format of assets and Ethereum are the same, they do not use the same blockchain network, so please check the network type.

XRP Deposit

  1. Tap 'Wallet' at the bottom.

  1. If you can't find ksXRP in the Tokens section, tap Setting to add the ksXRP.

  1. Select ksXRP and tap the Deposit button.

  1. Copy the Address and Destination Tag (MEMO) shown on the screen and paste it into the exchange/wallet where you withdraw XRP.

  1. If you finish the Process properly, the deposit amount will be shown in the K STADIUM app

XRP Withdraw

  1. Tap ‘Wallet’ and select ‘ksXRP’ in the Tokens section below

  1. Tap ‘Withdraw’ button on the ksXRP Token Details screen

3-1. Enter the withdrawal quantity

3-2. Enter the Address and Destination Tag(MEMO) of the external wallet where you want to receive XRP

Check the network of the receiving wallet before sending a withdrawal

In case of withdrawal, the minimum transfer amount is 10 ksXRP, and there will be 1 ksXRP fee and 0.1% tax.

  1. Tap ‘NEXT’ button, confirm the summary of your withdrawal information and enter your OTP verification

  1. Check the XRP receiving external wallet. (Depending on the policies of external wallet, it may take 5 to 30 minutes)

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