This document provides conceptual and process guides related to K STADIUM investment.

DAO-based, Community-led Crypto VC

As K STADIUM is a DPoI (Delegated Proof of Investment)-based blockchain platform, the community can function as a “VC” through the investment of token holders.
The basic concept of K STADIUM's DPOI is to maximize profits by facilitating investors to invest in various new projects by rationally executing the funds invested in the 'Community Pool' through DAO. In addition, this concept aims to continuously develop the ecosystem by encouraging reinvestment in the fund.

Investment Pre-screening in Forum

Project teams wishing to receive investment may publish a proposal by tagging the Governance & Proposal category to support pre-screening in the forum in accordance with the guidelines below. Discussion on pre-screening must be held for at least 7 days in the forum. After discussing the opinions of various investors, the main voting process will be processed. During this discussion, the investor may request the project team for additional materials as needed, and the project team must provide the requested materials.
At the initial stage of the service, the K STADIUM investment team introduces the projects selected for investment pre-screening and process the screening.
Project Introduction
Gitbook or White paper
Project Information
-Representative, establishment date, location, corporate registration number (optional)
-Team's career or main work history
Communication Channel
-Official Website
-Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discode, etc
Investment Progress
-Investment stage.
-Company value
-Investment amount (KOK quantity is needed to be indicated).
-Investment uses
Token distribution amount
issued amount and distribution details
Allocated amounts to investors
N% of total issuance

Investment Process

Investment Proposal

Any user, including the project team, can propose K STADIUM's investment proposal if the proposal meets the criteria and guidelines for the selection of the investment project process, and the voting proceeds after entrusting some deposit.
If the proposal passes the vote, the deposit will be refunded. The current deposit is 10,000 KOK (excluding fees), but this amount is subject to change.
The K STADIUM Team forms an organization (K STADIUM Compliance Team) that can manage and supervise the investment in the Community Pool for transparent and fair execution. It is made up of experts and does not participate in investment decisions, but seeks to help in the execution of investment funds through legal compliance, compliance monitoring, regulation, investment execution, and objective evaluation.
For service stabilization prior to official service, only projects that have been verified by the K STADIUM compliance team will be voted on.
Project Criteria for Investment
  1. 1.
    It must be a project that can be upgraded as a DApp service on the Ground Chain.
  2. 2.
    Project Token payment to K STADIUM’s SOM must be possible.
  3. 3.
    The project must be targeting the global market.
  4. 4.
    (Optional) It must be a project to which Crypto can be applied.

Voting Proposal in Community

Projects that have been discussed by investors in the K STADIUM forum can be registered as proposals in the community within the K STADIUM app for voting that decides whether to invest.
Voting Process
  1. 1.
    Register your investment proposal in the community.
  • In order to prevent indiscriminate proposals, a proposer who wants to register must pay 10,000 KOK for a deposit and transaction fees.
  • If a proposal is passed, the deposit will be refunded, but if it is rejected, the deposit will be burned.
  • The amount of the deposit may change according to KOK price fluctuations.
  • Voting begins right after proposal registration, and the voting period is seven days from the time of proposal registration.
2. SOM voting is held for seven days.
  • As of one day before the start of voting, SOM will be given the same number of voting rights as the number of SO delegating 100 SOP or more.
  • Users who have SOP only in their wallet without delegating them to SO are not eligible for voting rights.
  • It is possible to vote with a different opinion for each SO group to which the voting rights are given, and opinions that have already been voted cannot be overturned.
  • Also includes self-delegation of SO.
  • The number of voting rights does not change until the end of voting.
3. The results are automatically counted after the voting ends.
  • If the SOM turnout based on voting power reaches more than 20%, the SOM voting result will be the opinion of each SO. SO groups with less than 20% turnout will be withdrawn.
The proportion of SOM voting is reflected according to the following calculation.
SOM voting ratio = 50% of SOM's voting power used in voting + 50% of SOM's number who participated in the voting.
  • By applying the voting power for each SO, the final consensus opinion becomes the SO’s voting result.
  • If SO’s voting power is 40% or more, and if there are more than 50% in favor, the proposal finally gets passed, and the deposit of 10,000 KOK is refunded to the proposer.
  • If the SO’s voting power is less than 40% or the number of votes in favor for a proposal does not reach 50%, the vote will be rejected and the deposit of 10,000 KOK will be burned.
Execution of Investment Funds and Payment of Rewards after Voting.
  1. 1.
    Funds from the Community Pool will be executed to proposals that have finally passed the voting.
  • As of one day before the start of voting, funds from the Community Pool will be used as an investment in the passed proposals.
  • The proportion of overall SOP delegated is adjusted as the same amount as the number of funds in the Community Pool is reduced. Since the supply of the entire delegated SOP is simultaneously adjusted at the same rate, the amount of holders’ delegated SOP may be affected but the voting power is not.
  • Progress of the project can be checked after the execution of the investment funds on the Investment page within the K STADIUM app community.
2. The reward for the investment is paid to all SOMs who were delegating the SOP as of one day before the start of voting.
  • Investment rewards are paid in the same way as the existing SO delegation reward calculation method.